Poker, an unconventional way to learn a language

Being Canadian people expect a few things from you:

  1. You love hockey
  2. You eat poutine as if it were a food group
  3. Your cardiovascular system does not circulate blood, but instead maple syrup
  4. Eh?
  5. And — most importantly — you speak French

Now, I can totally identify with all the points except for the last. Even thought I am from the only “official” bilingual province in the country, I am far from fluent. Heck, I can barely speak enough French to find the bathroom! Recently, though, I’ve been thinking about correcting this franco-deficiency.

My problem with learning a new language is that it’s ridiculously hard. Also, it’s difficult to find ways to keep myself interested in the process, especially if “the process” is a french tutor that costs me an excessive amount of money. If you’ve ever tried to learn a foreign language, I’m sure you have felt the same.

So what to do? Stick it out and take the costly, boring lessons? No way. Shell out a ridiculous amount of money for Rosetta Stone? Yeah right!

The solution: Acquire a hot French girlfriend?

Yes! But, sadly, there aren’t that many French women around these parts, so…

Plan B: Start playing poker in French!

This made sense to me because I love games, especially card games, and poker is a very social card game which would allow me to get some “conversational” practice, too. So, I bit the bullet and signed up for a membership on and it’s going really well! So well, that I am considering incorporating more French language activities into my life.


When I’m done playing poker.

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