Adding User Tracks for the User Radio in San Andreas

I’ve noticed a lot of click-thrus from google where people are searching for something along the lines of “add user tracks to grand theft auto san andreas” and the like, so for those who couldn’t figure out how to read the manual, I’ve created this little post.

User tracks are great for those people who have different taste in music, and can’t seem to get along with the built-in stations that Rockstar has provided them with. User Tracks are also an advantage to playing mp3s in Winamp, or your stereo in the background, as they only play when you’re in a car, and will no drown out the speech in a cut scene.

So, How are user tracks added? Let’s get started…

1. Locate the “User Tracks” directory on your PC.

Windows9x/ME: “C:\My Documents\GTA San Andreas User Files\User Tracks”


WindowsXP/2000: “C:\Documents and Settings\USER\My Documents\GTA San Andreas User Files\User Tracks” (where “USER” is your username you’re logged in as.)

2. Add files to the “Users Tracks” directory.

There are a couple of ways to do this. The first, and easiest, method is to drag and drop mp3s into the User Tracks directory. The problem with this is that like most people, you probably don’t have a lot of space on your C: drive, not to mention that it doesn’t make much sense to have the same mp3 files sitting in two different folders.

The other option takes a bit more work, but it cuts down on hard drive space. What you need to do is create a new playlist with your favorite mp3 player. For this example, I’ll use WinAmp, and assume you know hwo to create and manage playlists in the player.

Start a new playlist, then add the files to the playlist that you want to be heard on the “User Radio Station.” Then save the playlist that you’ve just created to the “User Tracks” directory on your computer using the guidelines in Step 1 above.

3. Make San Andreas aware there are new mp3s to be played.

Run the game and go into Audio Options. Select “User Radio Station” and then click the option for “Scan for new files” (or something along those lines). This will make the game scan the “User Tracks” directory for new mp3s or playlists. San Andreas will search for a bit, then say it’s done scanning.

4. You’re done!

Start playing the game. When you get into a car, switch to the “User Radio Station” and Voila! There’s your music.

Another thign you might want to look into would be setting the “User Radio Station” as the default station played when you get into any car. To do this, go back into the Audio Options again, and select “Radio Auto-Tune,” then find a place to save. Once you’ve saved, every tiem you restart the game and enter a new car, the radio should be set to the “User Radio Station.”

For any more info about San Andreas, I suggest visiting Planet Grand Theft Auto.

I hope this helps!


I have put my mp3 to the user track directory, scaned the user track from game’s audio option, it says scan done…all okay, but when I got into a car and go to the radio station all I heard the advertisements only no SONGS.aaaaaaaaaaaaaarg!!! I have windows media player 9 installed. What will I do???

I have the same problem! It worked the first time I did it, but after I reinstalled and did it again all I hear is advertisments. Its annoying.

It’s ‘You’re done’ and not ‘Your done’….

you know you could just do shortcuts to the songs, it will still take som place but maybe kust a couple of kb

Thanks John. I really should start proofing my posts before I publish them. ;)

i’ve follow all the instructions above but it didn’t work at all….

Dropping MP3s works. What kind of playlist do you mean? .M3U for instance?

Same User Track File Bug here
I’m no pc noob ; but the thing doesnt work

Can someone who had same prob. tell us how he fixed it ?!


the same problem

Cheers dude, i just simply couldn’t b arsed readin the manual and just get straight to it, nice one!!

thanks man!!!!

This solved the problem for my brother:

“put mp3s in Audio folder (not config, not SFX and not streams) and restart game two times”

you dork, that doesnt work ffs…

no one has an answer!! we’re doomed, DOOOO O O OOO O OOMED~

your bother’s a dork too

Dropping MP3s in the User Track directory worked for me…but not playlists :/

thx for the tips!

Both don’t work here, playlist doesn’t work and the MP3 files don’t work either

how do you fix it, becaus i wanne kill some ballas on Overkill from Motorhead :D


Hi! I can´t find de directory! what should I do?

Strawp’s GTA playlist tool

What it does:

Converts Winamp *.m3u playlists into a load of incrementally named shortcuts in your GTA3 or Vice City MP3 directory so that you can play them in order in your in-car MP3 player from within the game. Read the included readme.txt for more info.

Now, that’s a really good program. It made shortcuts of the first 490 songs of the playlist consisting 4120 songs… and the playlist must be made to the same drive where the actual mp3’s exist. Otherwise the program doesn’t find the files.

You cant fix it!
The ad’s come on then the music plays its fu*&ing annoying! ANYONE KNOW HOW TO GET RID OF ADS?

You can get rid of the ads by changing one of the options under the Audio menu. You turn off “Radio Mode” or something.

Nozu: Which one were you testing? The GTAIII / Vice City one, or the GTA:SA one? I’ll take a look at that - my MP3s are all on the same drive as the playlists.

BTW, stu: Thanks for the endorsement :)

I’ve got it to read my user tracks but I can’t get them to be the default radio station for every car i enter. I tried the radio auto tune thing and set it to user tracks then saved and restarted game but still doesnt work. Any ideas?

i installed my game on a seperate hard drive and the 2nd drive doesnt have windows, and i cant find teh correct folder to put music

if you want to use Strawp’s GTA playlist tool (

then you should probably change the max_execution_time in php.ini, otherwise it’ll only ever manage 6-700 files in a playlist cos it stops after 30 seconds.

to do this just open up php.ini (in the folder with run.exe) and search for max_execution_time, then change the 30 to something more appropriate

oh, and you need to change the thing below it to a larger number too, max_input_time

sorry for the double post

Hey, thanks Spider - I didn’t realise it did that. I’m using much shorter playlists, clearly :P

do u sure i can giva a shortcut’s into user track player :-?

Please someone help! I’ve no idea how to use the damn
STRAWP GTA Playlist Tool, the only things I get when I extract it onto my hard drive, are a bunch of .exe files, a bin folder, and some settings.php, none of which I know how to use, can anybody who still reads these posts and know what I am referring to please help me either send me and e-mail: [email protected], or just reply to this.

hey this works man
just follow the instructions in the read me

and the playlist ur using must be in the same drive
that the mp3 are actually in …

else it wont find them

thanks guy

No, but the readme really doesn’t explain it fully to me, I really don’t understand what they’re talking about…sorry I’m not really familiar with programs like that.

I got mine to work but the strange thing is it only plays the first 19 songs, then after that it gives me advertisements and restarts to the beginning…I’m lost as to what I should do

Yep, sorry it’s not a GUI based tool and as such most people probably won’t get on with it. As for the first 19 songs thing that’s very odd. I’ve had someone else saying it quits out at 490 songs, but 19 is a very low number.

I’m a very selfish developer - I knocked this up in a couple of hours to fit my needs in a very basic way. If someone else wants to take the code and extend it, however I’d be happy to incorporate decent changes into it.

I haven’t tried using the “Strawp GTA Tool” and don’t intend on doing so. Fact is, Rockstar seriously screwed the pooch on getting personal tracks to work. I’ve researched many different ways to try it and have seen more cases of people getting pissed off then it actualy working. I can’t believe they screwed up such a simple little aspect of an otherwise great game.

Bottom line, for the folks who really want their own tracks to work in the game I suggest you mail the support people at Rockstar and discuss it with them. They need to make a patch for this to work because it’s just stupid that out of all the people I’ve seen talk about it, maybe 1 out of a 100 actualy got it to work.

We might just have to wait for a patch folks. =(

So I (unlike some folk on this forum) read the manual and tried everything I could think of to no avail. I have tried everything that was suggested above and more. Initially I thought that it was because I renamed my “My Documents” folder but after much farting around and many reinstallations I realised that it is, as Warhead said, a bug. Don’t waste any more time on this. If you got it to work without pulling big missions like Strawp’s GTA playlist tool plz drop a post with your game version and the rest of us who paid for it can legally Torrent it.


I can play the mp3s with no ads but if i try the playlist, all i hear are ADS.
please help!

The mp3s work fine, but the playlist doesnt… i added the playlist file to the folder, scan . and i only hear the fucking ads.
shit!!! i turned to the RANDOM OPTION besides RADIO.

I dont know how this works(the playlist shit)
please hit me up @

-> Real Solution:

got the same problem first, couldnt play my mp3s in any way in gta sa. the solution is in the readme.txt

“If trying to playback MP3, M4A or WMA tracks you may need to install Windows Media Player, QuickTime or a third party codec pack.”

i downloaded quicktime 7 and installed it. now even shortcuts of my mp3s (of other harddrives) works, as it was supposed to work. (put in user track folder and so on).

btw: this manual on this page is so crap and lol. of course i know how do that stuff. the problem is that many ppl (like me first) are not able to play their mp3s ingame. the author thinks he s so clever because he knows how to copy/paste mp3s into the right folder. what a genius…

is there a possible way i can change the User Tracks Dir. to my huge music folder… instead of dragging all the ones i want from there into the regular user tracks folder?? cause im sick of copy and paisting this crap. and fillingmy harddrive up with duplicates. let me know if its possible or not.. thanks. Jim

Matt Says:
Cheers dude, i just simply couldn’t b arsed readin the manual and just get straight to it, nice one!!

So there is a manual? ;)

Is there a limit to the # of custom tracks the game will handle?

I have over 300 shortcuts - all to valid sound files - but the game seems to play the same batch over and over. I’ve tried radio and random mode. Sequential is next, as a clue I read on another site indicates it might work that way.

But this is the most in-depth discussion of user tracks that I’ve found on Google, so I figured I’d ask here.

The ‘19′ figure may even be the magic number of how many it will actually play in random or radio mode. Not sure. Will report back if I find out anything. Meantime, strawp or anybody else who knows for sure if there is a limit or not, please respond!


PS comment threads like this that don’t require one to register just RULE. I hate fucking registering. All you webmasters out there whose sites I’m NOT on, hmm maybe this is why?!?!?!

This may be an extension of the “invalid characters in windows XP login name” bug. If you have spaces, commas, or other punctuation in your Windows login name, it will simply refuse to read the files in the user directory. This particular cause would also manifest itself as all savegames being “corrupt.”

One of the solutions (remember, only attempt these if your savegames are “corrupted”) is to simply create a new login name in Windows XP/2000 which does not contain spaces or non-alphanumerics (no word on numbers breaking it though.)

Another solution is to hex edit your client to use a separate directory. Considering the content of the above posts, I’ll leave it to you to find the instructions for that.

Here’s a hint on solution number 2: I typed the following words into Google.

san andreas corrupted save

i dont even got any of the files he mentioned what do i do now i have the game and everything but it just wont have the”GTA San Andreas User Files”
what do i do now since i dont got that am i just screwed

DOWNLOAD latest vesrion of Quicktime. Everything should work fine after that

I meant veRSion :)

I installed mediaplayer 10 and everything worked fine.You guys prob dont have the right codecs installed

Why the hell cant i drag my Mp3 songs from Windows media player 10 to my user tracks? the damb computer just wont frickin let me. im going to die in front of this stupid moniter trying to figure out my problem when its most likely a simple solution that requires a minimum amout of alteration in the way i am trying to do this.WTF!!!

hey just wanted to say thanks i had figured to put the songs in the user tracks but it was only playing commercials didnt know i had to put in scan for them thanks =)

I couldn’t get the thing to work until I created SHORTCUTS to all the songs instead of am M3U PLAYLIST. This guide is full of lies.

many thanks to them who wanted to help - the solution with Quicktime really WORKS! Just download the latest version and install. Thanks guys!

I love you, thank you so much. I was looking through the GTA SA folder for a while.

You only have to create a “direct access” to your music folder. If you do that you won’t have to waste space in your PC. VIVA MEXICO CABRONES!!!

hahaha mannnn u are the best i’ve been looking how to do this for so long lol thanks

I have playlist, shortcuts and the original files in the damn folder. I have all the quicktime and windows media player 10 things. I scan over and over, changing all of the options but still nothing!

Bloody hell i’m bored of this…

Ok, it’s really not that hard to get working after all!
I wanted to get all of my DDR music into the game for shits and giggles - cappin’ Ballas to hyper j-pop! Thing is, the songs are stored in individual folders (which contain the other files needed for DDR such as banners and step charts)…

Simple instructions.

1) Locate the songs you want to put into the game in an explorer window - I used the results of a search for *.mp3 to get around the fact that they were in different folders, but whatever.

Open another explorer window and go to the GTA User Tracks folder.

Select all the songs you want in the game from the first window, and drag them to the second window.

Before you let go of the mouse button, press and hold alt - the little arrow icon should appear indicating that you are creating a shortcut rather than moving or copying the files.

Release the mouse button. It took all of 1 second or so to create about 400 shortcuts in the GTA User Tracks folder.

Go into the game and scan for tracks. Enjoy.

Disclaimer: It worked for me. That’s all I’m saying. Good luck.

OK guys, I juts figured out a solution:

Ok, first download this:
Next make a folder on your desktop and drag your MP3s in it, NO M3Us!!! Doesnt work!

Then install your quicktime and then check your MP3s in your folder and see if they have the Q icon, k?

Heres a common problem that ppl get, they open up their C/: drive and click on the GTA USER FILES folder right?, heres what you really do, go to C/DOCUMENTS AND SETTINGS//MY DOCUMENTS/GTA USERFILES/USER TRACKS, drag your MP3s from your folder into that folder and select all of them and right-click and click “create shortcuts. Leave your MP3s and shortcuts in the folder, run SA, Audio Settings and scan user files and it should work,
Your welcome =P…

heres how i got it to work i downloaded this file this is the one strawp made and said wouldnt work for san andreas, not true. now create a folder on your desktop. In that folder write a blank notepad document and save it as gta3.exe this is so you have something to point to as the gta directory. in that same folder create a folder titled mp3 . Run strawps little app, use the notepad file you created for the gta directory, and find your playlist. all the shortcuts will be created in the folder titled mp3, copy and paste them to your user tracks folder, presto you’re done.

that’s right!
download quicktime player, install it, and, don’t forget to add mp3 to the file types it plays, on the quicktime preferences menu…

thanx kashima!!!

Jewunit’s post above worked perfectly for me.

quicktime is shit. quicktime sucks. installing quicktime is one of the more stupid things you can do with your pc.

fuck you apple for making such a shitty program.

fuck everyone else for using anything that requires quicktime be installed.

fuck quicktime.

Jewunit gives the right tip.

Download the GUI version, create a file gta3.exe and in the same folder names mp3 then point to this folder and the playlist you want to export, it will create all the shortacuts.

Cut&Paste the shortcuts to the User Tracks folder.

Thx Jewunit

Agreed! Quicktime sucks ass!

Guys you’ve gotta help me!!!
i’ve downloaded gta san andreas so it didnt have any radio station tracks.
I’ve downloaded those tracks, but idk where to put them!
Please if u know tell me :D

I’ve read the first 50 posts of this thread and I really don’t understand what the big deal is that GTASA doesnt load M3U’s. In my case for example I didnt want an existing playlist to be loaded into GTASA and I reckon more people intend on creating a new list for gtasa, since there’s always new annoying songs on your pc that you dont want to be loaded.

Anyway, to make a long story short, why bother dragging all the tracks from your harddrive into e.g. winamp to create an m3u if you can also drag them with your right mouse button into the User Tracks directory and select: “Create shortcuts”, since GTASA will load them too.

thanx for da help now i can listen to my music so thanx=]

So far none of these things have worked, im trying everything i can, and i got no idea why im craving listening to my music and killing Balla fools

this works fins for me… i just get the impression that all of your game versions are retarded


I found this buried in a README in the GTA System files:


User Radio Files

GRAND THEFT AUTO: San Andreas can support the playback of the users own audio files. By default the game ships with support for Windows Wave files (WAV) and Ogg Vorbis (OGG) files. Additionally, with the correct CODECS installed to your computer, you can playback MP3, WMA, M4A, etc. To facilitate playback of these formats you can -

Install the latest Apple QuickTime Player
Install Microsoft Windows Media Player 9 OR 10
Install a combined CODEC package

hi managed to get gta sa running on my mac without a disk, but im trying to find the user track file,(as i dont have my documents) please help!

Right, just as “CJ” posted the “readme” file from gta SA.. everyone whos having probs with not working user tracks, the real problem is that you dont have instaled needed codecs to play mp3 files in the game… Now here`s the solution.. the game suports WAV file formats without having required codecs.. so all you have to do is put your WAV files SHORTCUTS in the “user tracks” folder.. Here is a helpfull tool for convertig all types of audio files so just convert your mp3`s to WAV and store them in “user tracks” folder…

you don’t copy your tracks to the user tracks folder, you just copy shortcuts to them. right-click drag and drop your mp3s to the user tracks folder, and choose ‘create shortcut here’

Solution for me.

The winamp playlist didn’t work.

However i have a C Drive and a D Drive

C drive = user tracks folder

D Drive = Mp3 folder which contains all of my mp3’s

Solution :

Create a shortcut to the mp3 folder
Cut + Paste shortcut into the user tracks folder
Listen to my tunes.

no programs, no hacks, just a simple shortcut to the direct folder with all my mp3’s ( in loads of subfolders as well)

If you’re using Vista, and Windows 98/Me compability mode, try to set it to Windows XP compability mode. Then go to play and scan the tracks. That worked for me. (Warning: You can’t use ur savegames, and youre keybindings will reset to default)

it’s easy, just drag mp3s files into the user tracks folder, select all the files, right click, and select “Create Shortcut”. Open the game, go to user track options, Play Mode: Random, and then select scan user tracks! I hope my comment will help all of you :D

oh..after reading millions of posts here I’ve finally found a good thing to do. The solution posted by pixleshifter is what I will try. I hope this shit really works.

I got a question, i think people dont know WHERE to get the music, adding it to the usar track profile is THE EASY PART….

I got a question, i think people dont know WHERE to get the music, adding it to the usar track profile is THE EASY PART…. sooo Where do i get the MUSIC for the user track?

I bought san andreas like a week ago for PC and the usertracks worked fine but then i wanted to go online and so downloaded SA:MP and it didnt work, only coming up with the single player menu, so I patched it and now my san andreas doesnt even need the CD to run (i use daemon tools to run it), and im thinking that doing this made the user tracks not work, anyone know how to help this with say maybe another patch or something, co all this quicktime and shortcut things arnt working, I also had to change a registary file to make SA:MP work, any help would be good. Thanks

None of the above solutions worked for me playing the steam version of san andreas. I installed quicktime, Media Player 10 and 11 and even a stand alone MP3 codec, nothing… Tried the actual MP3s in the folder, the shortcuts, both, did a raindance, nothing…

It’s not like it was rocket science for rockstar to code an infallible user track system into the game, all it is is a bloody glorified media player lol.

Load of shite. It just won’t work for some people period.

OK i did not understand any of that

Quicktime Works perfectly for me :P thx guys

lol it worked for me! =0

I wasn’t too lazy to read the manual its just that searching online is way faster than looking for and through the manual :P

it is so aggrivating trying to get it i couldnt even get the file from strawp

My computer is the “High end” comp. With Nvidia GeForce GTX 295 1792 mb, RAM 6 gb, and 300 GB hard disk. But, GTA:SA NOT WORK IN MY COMPy anyone can help me

Thank you this helped alot :)

This game brings back so many memories…Rockstar hit it right on with this game…the music, the neighborhoods San Andreas was modeled after, the characters, this game is the bomb…so glad I grew up in the hoods the game is based on; not to mention the time period!!!

this game takes me back!

hey maaaan i did try…at first i dint work …. then i auto tuned ….COOL!!


Thanks ;)

OK, this is simply for people using Vista and higher I believe. If you have trouble getting user tracks to work, Make sure you have the correct user tracks folder. On my machine there was one under Users/myloginname AND Users/Public. I guess due to the way I set the compatibility settings to Windows 9x/ME. In my case I had to make my MP3 shortcuts in the User tracks located in the Public folder. I knew it was strange when I couldnt find my save game files. Only when I located the user folder in public did I find my save game files. so, basically, wherever your save game files are named like”GTASAsf1-8.b”, that is the correct folder structure to copy your music shortcuts to. Notice I said folder structure. You still have to go to the user tracks sub-folder.

it works cool


thanks thanks thanks………………………………………………………………………….it works 100 %
thank u…………

i have no’t User tracks plz give me your user tracks

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